Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moose: A memoir of fat camp

OK I am sitting down to type and what is the first thing I say "Sweetie, I need a cookie" and my dear Jim gets up and gets me how many candy blasted, chocolate chip cookies? TWO! What am I going to do with two???Aargggg...So is it any wonder I just loved Moose? While I was not a heavy child, I have spent several years as a chubby adult and have just recently lost 40 pounds, I am enjoying the best part...putting them back on!!!! Stephanie Klein is a hoot. She is so witty and in your face. The book starts with her obstetrician telling her she needed to gain 50 pounds now that she is pregnant with twins and she says "I used to be fat."
You will learn how young Stephanie was called Moose at school, her mother was thin but thought she was fat, and her dad said "Steph no one likes fat girls." So she is sent off to fat camp where she encounters bulimia and teenage sex. The girls were just as mean as the "thin" girls back at school. She was ultimately sent home from camp for teaching other girls how to purge. She does lose weight but learns that life is not automatically easier for her just because she is thin.
The book is based partly of Stephanie's diary entries from that time period so it has more than a few sexual references that may offend some people. It is very honest. I almost felt like I was intruding. If you are easily shocked put this book back, but if you are nosey as sin like me you will enjoy Stephanie's frankness.

BTW, I am now reading "Straight up and Dirty" also by Stephanie Klein. It was actually written first but is about her later (she is in her late 20's) adventures in dating after a very brief starter marriage. I laughed out loud while reading this book, you will too. It is a great book for the beach...you really don't have to think much, just sit back and let Ms. Klein entertain you.

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