Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Summer of Stalking Southern Writers Part III

OK, this will probably be my last stop since the summer is speeding by, so I will end with the master- Pat Conroy. I was not originally a fan of Mr. Conroy. I mean who wants to read about military school or mental illness or someone dying in the first few pages? Well I do! As I am married to a Citadel boy, I started my Pat Conroy love affair with Lords of Discipline. I started with it because Jim asked me nicely and it was one of his shorter ones (I swear the introductions to his books are 100 pages). Well it kind of got me hooked. I mean, it was hard to identify with life at a military college, but the writing was beautiful. Then Jim pulled the greatest con of his life, he told me that Beach Music made him cry every time he read it so I had to read this moving piece of literature (I have since learned him crying is not a big deal, I caught him crying in the theater during My Sister's Keeper. I mean I was sobbing but I am a girl). Well Beach Music did it. Pat Conroy is the king. It took me months to read, and while I did not cry when it ended I was sad. I felt like I had lost dear friends. I hated for the book to end.

I went to a book signing a couple of years ago to meet Mr. Conroy but after his talk I was too scared to go up and speak to him, so I sent Jim with my pristine copy of Beach Music to get it signed....guess who had it personalized!!! Now I cannot sell it on Ebay if I get desperate and need food, shelter, or cute shoes! We do love eating at one of his favorite restaurants on St. Helena, The Shrimp Shack. Try the shrimp burger - it is to die for. I just don't know how they get all those little shrimpies to stay in the patty.

Don't forget Pat's new book, South of Broad, is coming out August 11th. It is about time!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Summer of Stalking Southern Writers Part II

My second stop this summer is in Julliette, Georgia. It is the movie set of Fried Green Tomatoes. I watched the movie a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely, now I am tackling the book. I am really enjoying it. Each chapter is sort of like a diary entry or a clipping out of the town's paper which I love. I am nosey by nature so anytime it feels like I am intruding on something personal I just gobble it up. Anyway, it is a sweet little book that is not brain taxing at all. A couple of people do die so if you are in a weepy mood beware. Otherwise, go on and have a visit with Idgie, Ruth, and the rest of the gang at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Jim and I ate Sunday dinner there, and boy the Fried Green Tomatoes were delish! It was so busy though, kinda like eating in a fish bowl. I ordered catfish and even though I am from the country, my family are not big fishermen so I expected my catfish to come out in nuggets....boy was I surprised. I got these two big fish with the heads still attached!!!!! Of course I named them...which made them really hard to swallow! We did enjoy it, and they have this great t-shirt in the gift shop that says something like "I got fried at the Whistle Stop Cafe". I would have gotten it for Jess but they were out of pink.