Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Summer of Stalking Southern Writers Part II

My second stop this summer is in Julliette, Georgia. It is the movie set of Fried Green Tomatoes. I watched the movie a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely, now I am tackling the book. I am really enjoying it. Each chapter is sort of like a diary entry or a clipping out of the town's paper which I love. I am nosey by nature so anytime it feels like I am intruding on something personal I just gobble it up. Anyway, it is a sweet little book that is not brain taxing at all. A couple of people do die so if you are in a weepy mood beware. Otherwise, go on and have a visit with Idgie, Ruth, and the rest of the gang at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Jim and I ate Sunday dinner there, and boy the Fried Green Tomatoes were delish! It was so busy though, kinda like eating in a fish bowl. I ordered catfish and even though I am from the country, my family are not big fishermen so I expected my catfish to come out in nuggets....boy was I surprised. I got these two big fish with the heads still attached!!!!! Of course I named them...which made them really hard to swallow! We did enjoy it, and they have this great t-shirt in the gift shop that says something like "I got fried at the Whistle Stop Cafe". I would have gotten it for Jess but they were out of pink.

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