Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa is coming...pretend to be good!

Happy Holidays is that time of the year again. You would think I would be better prepared for Christmas, it comes every year and on the same day no less! But every year it just sneaks up like an unexpected car repair. So here I am, it is the 11th and I have bought ONE present...yikes. I always decide that I am going to simplify and scale back. That works for about a week and then I think of my children and how much therapy they will need if I do not get them what they want for Christmas, and since I have probably already done enough damage to wipe out their college funds I head to the mall.

First there is Jess. She is sooooo hard to buy for. She loves clothes, shoes and jewelry. Well that should be easy, but even if she tells me exactly what she wants I still goof it up. Then there was the year I decided to redecorate her bedroom for Christmas. I still hear about what a horrible Christmas that was. So a couple of years ago she agreed that cash works best for her. Problem solved!

Next is Josh. He is great at telling me exactly what he wants, but then 3 days before Christmas he changes his mind... so I have to tell him that Santa did not get the last list and had to work off the first. I am sure I disappoint him every year. Yesterday on the way to school I was verifying that he still wanted a Wii (the one present I have) and he says "I want a Wii and a bike" and I said "I told you to pick one" then he said "Mom, can you just try a little harder?"... Speaking of therapy, I will be the one needing it, which will tarnish the family record, no one else has had therapy... at least not until they were ordered by a judge.

Here are some great holiday books...and they are easy and short so you will not get overwhelmed, because we really need just one more thing to do. Yeah right!

Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O'Nan

The Red Lobster in Connecticut is closing its doors just a few days before Christmas. The manager, Manny, is trying to get through the final day with some dignity. Manny has worked for Red Lobster most of his life and now he is being sent to the Olive Garden as an assisstant. He is missing his grandmother and confused about his personal life. He has dated and is in fact still in love with Jackie, one of his waitresses, but he is now with Deena and she is pregnant. The employees who show up for the final day are bitter about losing their jobs and since it is snowing they want him to close early. The patrons are cranky so Manny is really struggling. He can't stop thinking of Jackie but tomorrow she will be part of his past. It is a little sad which is odd for a Christmas book but in an way it makes you appreciate the little things we have that we overlook.

E is for Evidence by Sue Grafton

You know anywhere I get a chance to throw Kinsey Millhone in I am going to take it. "E" takes place around Christmas. Kinsey's second ex husband is in town for a visit...Arrgggg. Kinsey is asked to investigate a fire claim and on the same day $5000 appears in her account (coincidence I think not). Things quicky lead to murder in the form of exploding presents. Kinsey becomes involved in a game of cat and mouse with a killer who wants this Christmas to be her last.

Merry Christmas from all of us at the library. May you and your family have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

He puts the FUN in dysfunctional!

This Friday night we will witness the end of an era. Mr. Monk (the defective detective) will solve his final case, the one that has eluded him for 12 years, the death of his beloved wife Trudy.

For anyone who does not know, Adrian Monk is a case solving machine. His OCD helps him see things and make connections that everyone else misses. His compulsions and phobias make crime solving interesting to say the least!

His antics have kept us all in stitches for years. Around the house if we get too picky about how something should be (like the icicle lights at Christmas) that is called being "monkish". We wait impatiently for each season to be released on DVD, then we take it home and devour the whole thing in just a few days. My daughter and I started watching and then Josh said "Mom, why do you like Monk so much? It looks kinda dumb." Well, we threatened to banish him and so he came around to our way of thinking and now we are all monkophiles. I wish he was real, then I could marry him and have him do the cleaning!

Here are some of my favorite Monk moments:

There was the time a uniformed cop had to leave the scene of a crime because he had on one black and one navy blue sock and Monk could not concentrate.

Also, the time he had to go to a crime scene on a nude beach and everyone had to try and "hide" the sun worshippers from him because Monk hates naked.

And the one time during the garbage strike when he mailed his garbage to other people.

The series also had a wonderful array of guest stars: Virginia Madsen, Stanley Tucci, Angela Kinsey (The Office) and Gena Rowlands just to name a few.

So Friday night I will be at home watching the end... Goodbye Mr. Monk - we will see you in reruns and at the library of course.