Monday, February 1, 2010

Battle of the women sleuths...Kinsey or Stephanie? You decide.

Sue Grafton or Janet Evanovich...ABCs or 123s....Kinsey or Stephanie...who is the queen of the girlie mystery? Everyone has their preference. I enjoy both ladies and eagerly anticipate each novel, but I am a Kinsey girl. I just feel like Sue Grafton has created an alter ego for me, you know the person I could be if I had made different choices and of course had been born in 1950, that way I could be a grown up when big 80s hair was in style. Kinsey and I are pretty much the same person...well except her jogging (I am sitting here watching a Bones episode I have seen twice because noone will find the remote and I am not getting off this couch!). Oh and I don't like to be alone, when I get home I call Jim and tell him it is time for him to close his office. See, I am a "fraidy cat" and my fight or flight reflex leans heavily towards flight. Then there's the guns thing...Jim is a gun --well for lack of a better word "enthusiast," so I completely freak everytime I happen across one. Then the turtleneck thing-- I hate them. Of course, Kinsey and I both like jeans, Quarter Pounders with cheese, and paperback mysteries. Gosh it almost seems like I have more in common with Stephanie... doughnuts rock!


  1. Runs 3 miles a day
  2. Carries a gun
  3. Was a police officer
  4. Has no family ties so the bad guys can't kidnap her grandmother or sister
  5. Has a black dress that she can roll up and put it in her purse and it never wrinkles (the fabric must be from the future)

  1. Is still in the 80's - no internet, no cell phone
  2. Kinsey is in her late 30's so she is a little older than Stephanie
  3. Has a Beetle (in U she has a Mustang...don't even get me started) which has a manual transmission so she cannot eat, shoot or anything else while driving
  4. Is kind of "abrasive"
  1. Has a great network of friends
  2. Obviously the criminals in New Jersey are stupid
  3. Has modern technology at her disposal
  4. Boyfriend is a cop
  5. Everyone knows everyone else in the burg so she can usually get herself out of trouble

  1. Unreliable transportation (cars are always blowing up)
  2. Must stop at every doughnut shop
  3. Mother freaks when she misses Friday night dinner, so no chasing bad guys on Friday night
  4. Everyone knows everyone so her mother finds out all of the bad stuff she does (Trenton is a little like Conway...I got in at 3 a.m. once and the phone started ringing, it was my grandmother..."Your cousin just rode by your house and your Jeep lights are on")
  5. Cannot be in good shape eating all of the fried chicken and doughnuts

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