Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010-- Another chance to break all those great New Year's resolutions

I have this handy dandy list of great titles coming out this year. I know from the look of this list you cannot tell - but men are actually writing books this year. I have to go with what I know though. I gravitate toward books with characters battling food or weight issues. Throw in some brainless humor because some days life is not fun, and I need a little Stephanie Plum so I can at least be thankful my car did not blow up. Suspense novels are always good; it is great to be on such a roller coaster ride that you have to resist turning to the end because you can't just take it anymore (I always peek). I also want books with women who step out of or are forced to choose a new path; this fills my need to start driving west and stop when I hit ocean. Finally, a bit of murder thrown in to get some of my evil out so I can be a ray of sunshine to my family and friends. Well, at least to my friends, because Jess says "Mama, you are just so sweet to other people." I would be nicer to her if she would stop giving me evil looks, sending me snotty text messages, and telling me about her speeding ticket the day AFTER the court date. And I do not know why she complaining since she is the same way....Ha Ha Ha! You are me in 20 years, pumpkin. Sweet revenge!

I think these picks are a good start for 2010:
Hush by Kate White
Lake Warren is in the middle of a custody battle so she is being a "good" girl until the hearing. She throws herself into work and the arms of a doctor who has joined the firm. It is just one night and the kids are away...who will ever know? Well, Lake turns out to be very unlucky; when she wakes up, the good doctor is dead!!!! Can her day get any worse? If the police find out she was there, they will consider her a suspect and that would really hurt her custody hearing. What is a girl to do?... Solve the murder herself. Duh! I am curious what  will she do when she actually finds the killer. Doesn't she have to go to the police because if she kills the killer isn't that just more trouble for her? These things have a way of getting out of control.

House Rules by Jodi Picoult
Jacob is a teenager with Asperger's. He is socially awkward but exceptional at one thing- forensics. Jacob shows up at crime scenes after hearing about them on his scanner and gives the cops advice (he is usually right). So when there is a gruesome murder the police come to Jacob with questions and since Jacob has problems with social ques, the police zero in on him as a suspect.

Wicked Cravings by G.A. McKevett
Savannah is investigating the murder of a "diet" doctor, who has a line of suspects since the only the thing his clients lost was their money. Granny Reid is also back for a visit in this funny little cozy. I cannot wait to read this one...I am on a diet for the second time in my life (obviously the first one only had limited success) so I decided to see a doctor this time. Now I have not wanted to kill him yet, although I rolled my eyes until they almost got stuck when he said I had to strictly limit "bad carbs". Is there a bad carb? Is a PB and J still a PB and J if it is on that hard as a rock, cardboard bread? I mean that bread has the shelf life of plutonium. And Krispy Kreme, I thought they were made of clouds. ARRRRGG...this is not going to be pretty.

The Wife's Tale by Lori Lansens
Lonely, obese Mary's husband does not show up for their wedding anniversary...so she finally breaks out of her comfort zone and takes a journey. Will she find her husband or herself?

Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin
Tessa always wonders what life is like just before something earth shattering happens. Do people feel the change coming, or is it just a normal day? How is the final ordinary moments of their lives? Tessa is about to find out...

Men and Dogs by Katie Couch
Twenty years after their father disappears in the woods, Hannah and Palmer are still dealing with demons. Palmer leaves his partner when he brings up adopting a baby. Hannah has been kicked out by her husband and drinks too much. After Hannah injures herself, she goes back home to Charleston to pull herself together.

Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich
Summer in Trenton... Someone is trying to kill Vinnie, and Lula is involved in a Ponzi scheme. Some days Steph is the stable one.

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  1. HA! You're funny, and it wasn't the day after the ticket, it was the night after I went to court because I was scared the school was going to call and say I wasn't there. Silly Mommy. You know you love me. I keep you're blogs entertaining. That's what I'm here for(:
    Love you.
    P.S. What's for dinner? Or should I be asking Jim? Ha!