Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This looked so easy on HGTV.

As if my general craziness is not enough, I have decided to put my family's love for me through the ultimate test...I am remodeling and I am doing it myself.

Gone are the stark off-white walls, carpet, cabinets, furniture, etc. Let's bring in some color. I promised Jim I would stay in the neutral family for possible resale value blah, blah. He developed an eye twitch when I told him I did not like the exterior color of our house. I patiently waited while he explained that our house had to stay grey because when the development was built it was in the covenants. Well that was the eighties and things have changed and I really like yellow. What happens if we just paint it yellow? What can they do? Is there a house paint police in NMB?

The remodel started out good...

Living room- I painted it Winter Wheat (or the paint guys interpretation of Winter Wheat). When your 9 year-old is standing there telling the paint guy that the color does not look like the sample that says it all. Chocolate accent wall, now I get hungry everytime I walk in the door.

Countertops- Easy. I just pointed to a sample and they came and installed my new - Rainforest Canyon with the backslash to match - countertops. Unfortunately we could not afford new cabinets after I blew the budget on the countertops so they had to stay white. Score one for Jim!

I would love to say everything else has been a breeze...but now I am just wondering how easy it will be to get blood, sweat, and tears off the laminate flooring I am having installed next week.

Josh wants his room Clemson orange.

Jess wants one wall chalkboard so she can draw on the walls and it will be OK.

The master suite has FIVE different shades of brown ranging from a warm cocoa to a naked skin.

"Sell this House" has been banned from the television.

I really wished I had picked up a  copy of  "The House Always Wins" by Marni Jameson when before I started.

"The House Always Wins" by Marni Jameson
Hilarious book about fixing up your home. I love the fact that she does not make you believe your house will look like it should be photographed for Southern Living but that you can make it functional and cozy for your life and family. It assumes you have kids whose rooms should be decontaminated by DHEC and a husband who (forgive me please) clips his toenails and leaves the shavings on the side table.