Monday, October 25, 2010

Donuts... do we need to say more!

I love donuts. I remember where I was when Krispy Kreme became a publicly traded company. They are good for breakfast and dessert. They are the clouds that hold you up when you are happy and your best buddy when you are sad. My favorite is chocolate covered cream filled....yummy!

I have also passed my love of all things Krispy Kreme to my loving family (I have been systematically brainwashing them over the years so I can rule the house). Jim likes Krispy Kreme coffee better than Starbucks...OK that is a little out there even for me, but he does take it black which to me is like drinking... well grumpy juice, so to each his own. Jess has gone through the drive thru so much she gets an employee discount on her iced coffee. Josh is a purest like me, just bring on the donuts! And if they are hot AHHHHHH!

It doesn't hurt that Krispy Kreme is a two minute drive from my house, although they have yet to implement my suggestion --- in addition to the "HOT" donuts sign in the window, it would really be great if they would get that spotlight beacon thingy, like the one Batman had. It would let us "donutties" when it is time to visit the mothership.

They even have donut books:

Glazed Murder by Jessica Beck
A mystery set in the North Carolina mountains. The book even has donut recipes and its author.s name is Jessica, not the main dead character. Finally!

Glazed America: a history of the doughnut by Paul R. Mullins
I think the book's title says it all!

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