Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Operation Pulitzer

So last night I picked up a copy of March by Geraldine Brooks and I am confused already. The book is about Mr. March, the father from Little Women. Now I did not read Little Women when I was a child, I was a much bigger fan of Irene Hunt and Charlotte's Web and the such. So my I need to read Little Women before I read March? My goodness, I am going to need a white board to keep up with this!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Never Say Never....

If you had told me a few years ago I would be rooting for the Packers in the Super Bowl I would have told you to get out the straight jacket. I mean I loved Walter Payton. I was a Dolphin fan until the Carolina Panthers came into existence. I was a little put off when I found out Tony Shalhoub (Monk) had season tickets to Lambeau.

But after the championship games I had to make a decisions Steelers or Packers. At first glance the Steelers would be a no brainer but then I saw him on my TV- Ben Roethlisberger...OMG he looks just like one of my exes and I am talking about the mean one, not the nice one.

So there I sat Sunday night cheering Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay on to victory. Jeez, I wonder what will happen next year....Brett Farve (hate him because he broke Dan Marino's records- but since he was addicted to Vicodin- does it count?) coming out of retirement (again) to quarterback the Cowboys (fired Tom Landry) to the Super Bowl where they will face the Colts (Peyton Manning- he could not open a can of soup) coached by Jimmy Johnson (traded Hershel Walker and made Dan Marino run during practice)? I swear I will have the cable disconnected.

Great football books for girls

Takes you from the locker room to the bottom of a pileup.

Gives an in depth history of the big game. BTW, Green Bay won the very first one.

This book will teach you about each position, the draft, play calling, and all of those things girls want to know but are afraid to ask.