Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blogs to books....

Has anyone noticed all the bloggers who are getting book deals? You just write the stupid things that go through your mind and- BOOM! You get a book. How cool is that?

I went on a rant the other day about that new dog food that you refrigerate and then cook for your I love Bella and Annabelle but I am not fixing them a whole separate meal. I hate to cook people food so why would I offer to cook for my pets. I am already a little creeped out that Little Cesar looks so much like people food and I picked up some doggy ice cream once but then I felt a little foolish...goodness people are starving and I just dropped enough coin to buy both dogs a Double Stack!---- This could be chapter 1.

There was also the night I walked the dogs for 30 minutes because the cops were at my neighbor's house for a domestic complaint and I wanted to see who was going to jail.  It took me a few minutes to get Jim to hush so I could hear better. Boy, I thought I knew all of the cuss words, but I was can combine them in different ways to give them more zing!  So spying on the neighbors would be chapter 2 (and I could spell out all the bad words in the book). ---Maybe I should cook for my dogs they sure do provide we with a lot of cover.

Books from Bloggers:
Make it fast, cook it slow by Stephanie O'Dea (
Stephanie makes a resolution to use her crock pot everyday for  1 year... a whole year!

Living Oprah : my one-year experiment to walk the walk of the queen of talk by Robyn Okrant  (
Robyn decides to follow Oprah's advice for an entire year to see if it made a difference.

Straight up and dirty by Stephanie Klein (
Adventures in dating after divorce.

My Fair Lazy: one reality television addict's attempt to discover if not being a dumb ass is the new black, or a culture-up manifesto by Jen Lancaster (
Jen gets some will laugh until you cry!

Julie and Julia: my year of cooking dangerously by Julie Powell (
365 days. 536 recipes. One year of cooking with Julia.

Can you get hooked on lip balm? : top cosmetic scientists answer your questions about the lotions, potions, and other beauty products you use every day by Perry Romanowski and the creators of TheBeautyBrains.Com (
Based on the blog at

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