Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I (heart) Brick Heck....

So you know "The Middle" is my favorite show...I love Brick so much and I am not even trying to hide it. He just loves books. Heck (Ha Ha), books are his best friend.

So I am going to share with you some of my favorite Brickisms:

"Swimming's no fun without a book." - Brick Heck

"It's really hard to find clothes with a book theme." - Brick Heck

"Grandma, I gotta go. A librarian just walked in." - Brick Heck

"So there's not beautiful singles in my area dying to meet me?
I have to update my blog." - Brick Heck

"They're denying me books. No one's taken me to the library in two days." - Brick Heck

"Can one of you take me to the library? I feel like reading about Peru." - Brick Heck

"Cool! A manual. And it's in German, Japanese and French!" - Brick Heck

Mike Heck to Brick: Seriously, Brick, you read a hundred books a day. Can't one of them be about sports?"

Frankie Heck to Brick:
"Brick, I got your favorites. Books and waffles."

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