Friday, March 4, 2011

Out of my comfort zone....

Ok so I hear it is good to step out of you comfort zone sometimes. You know try something different...go to a different restaurant for lunch, dye your hair a different color, read a different kind of book. So I tried a few boy books and a really depressing girl book to see if it made any difference in my outlook point of view...whatever. Well, I did discover a few things....I like chick lit and books by people who have blogs, and books about girls who get divorced only to realize they are better off (and then find a really great guy). I like the Pretty Little Liars series and Sue Grafton and Jennifer Weiner. What is so wrong with choosing a book because it has shoes on the cover? I mean it is called your "comfort zone" for a reason. So I will just staying in mine....ohhh and I like books with desserts on the cover too.

Sleepwalking in Daylight by Elizabeth Flock
Elizabeth Flock brings you face to face with dysfunction in Sleepwalking in Daylight. Cammy is the adopted child of Samantha and Bob. Bob is unhappy. Sam is unhappy and having an affair. Cam is unhappy and doing drugs. As Sam contemplates her affair Cam finds out about her birth mother. It ends tragedy. I think I just kept going because I was so grateful it was not my pumpkin doing drugs in the library parking lot.

Songs for the Missing by Stuart O'Nan
I really struggled with my decision to read this book. 18-year-old Kim disappears on her way to work one afternoon. This book makes you wonder.... is a family still a family if one member is gone? Can things ever be "normal" again? How do you go home when your child is out there somewhere? As he did in The Good Wife, O'Nan puts you in the shoes of people you hope you will never become.

Obedience by Will Lavender
A group of college students have an interesting assignment; given a set of clues they must find a missing girl by the end of term or she will be murdered. The students start wondering is "Polly" is real and is the shady professor hiding something? The story moves at a breakneck pace to a shocking conclusion.

Safer by Sean Doolittle
Paul and Sara move into their new house and are the victims of a break in the very first night. They become part of the neighborhood watch group and befriend the leader, Roger. Paul soon discovers that Roger is conducting secret surveillance of the neighborhood and questions him. Now Roger will do ANYTHING to make Paul go away.

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