Monday, July 4, 2011

I met the love of my life 19 years ago...who knew!?!!

Today I came to a startling realization...Jim is not the great and complicated love that I have always looked for. You know that relationship that affects every other part of your life. When it is good everything is good, and when is is bad... you get the idea. That wonderfully complicated relationship belongs to me and my daughter. She is the one that my happiness depends on...which has made me realize, who trapped me in the novel Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood and how do I get out? When did I become ViVi? This all started yesterday when Jess's stepsister told me that Jess has a tattoo. I went ballistic, called Jess and we screamed and yelled at each other until we were foaming at the mouth. Well she had the nerve to hang up on me!!! That caused me to throw my phone (Blackberry makes a sturdy phone) and then we commenced to exchanging snotty texts. My fingers got tired so then I went around throwing hissy fits all weekend long. I screamed, cried and pouted. I fell on the couch and whined like a broken hearted teenager. I broke dishes (not the good ones, I have not lost my mind yet). Jim tried to use tough love to snap me out of it but it did not work. Doesn't he know the husband/dad in the book is a supporting character? Well I reminded him of that and he was excited that James Garner plays him in the movie. My pumpkin is my life. She is my bestie. She is the one I share everything with. Who am I without her? If we do not make up soon it is going to be bad.  I feel so sorry for our family it is like getting caught in a hurricane when we fight.