Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer is over back to school....again!

Well, summer is over and since I have blogged very little this summer you can probably guess it was a busy time...

Josh is now a big middleschooler!  I am a little worried. They are going to actually let him walk from class to class unescorted? Have they not looked at his permanent record? In first grade Ms. Butler had to leave early so she sent the whole class to stay in another class for the last half hour of school. Josh walked by a side door and saw my grandfather outside waiting for him. Guess what he did...if you guessed "he quietly ducked out the side door, jumped in the car, and told my Pa Pa that they said he could go ahead and leave" you are the winner! I hope the middle school has really tight security.

The kid is already well versed in the art of the interrogation, he lives with a defense attorney for goodness' sake. Every time Jim questions him he just gets better at covering his tracks. By the time he is 15 we will have to have Kyra Sedgwick come by the house and question him about breaking curfew.

Jess is engaged so she is probably never coming home. I miss having her around. I have no one to blame for my clothes, hair straighter, etc...disappearing. Apparently I just lose everything! Although I have a plan to get her back. Every time she and Harrison disagree I do what mommies should never do...I call her up and tell her she was absolutely right, he was wrong and anytime she wanted to come home just let me know and I will help her pack. Jim is of course telling her that couples argue and you have to try and work through blah, blah, blah...whatever!

So this is what I am reading to get back in the school mood:
Murder by the Slice by Livia J. Washburn
Obnoxious PTO president is stabbed to death. I guess somebody really did not want to sell raffle tickets!

The Sixes by Kate White
I personally think Kate White is the next Sue Grafton which is the highest compliment I can give. She just needs to get back to Bailey Weggins. However, this is about a secret society of girls on a college campus. Do you think they are harassing girls who are not a size 6?

Have a great school year and be nice to your child's teacher, you never know when you will be doing the walk of shame into her classroom because your kid thought telling about how his stepdad sat around all weekend with an ice pack on his lap because mommy neutered him (just like the cat) is just a hoot!