Sunday, October 2, 2011

It is time to cut the cord...

I am just not living right. Everything is broken, wrecked or not working at my house. "Lola", my ancient Volvo was rear-ended a couple of weeks ago and she is in the shop. "Johnny Cash", Jim's SUV needs tires to the tune of $900.00. Goodness, when did rubber get so expensive? To top it all off when I got back from the grocery store, Jim met me at the car with a stricken look on his face. The flat panel is broken! What? But it is football season and I have just brought home wings so we could have them with the wonderful buffalo sauce he makes from scratch!!! What are we going to do? With the tires and the holidays coming up and the planned trip to Gettysburg I do not have a new TV budgeted. I was also waiting for the 3D models to get a little more affordable. Now I am panicking! We have to have a TV! Glee, The Middle, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family....argggg! Christina Applegate has a new series for the love of God.

Then a thought came to we really have to have a new TV? Can we live without it? Well I am taking that as a personal challenge. NO more TV! I will not watch TV for the next 365 days. I will not go to a sports bar. If I go to my doctor's office I will sit away from the TV. I will be entertainment deprived for an entire year!

Just think of all the time I have wasted watching other peoples' lives instead of living! I have almost talked Jim into doing it too. I think he will join me when he finds out I will have to leave any room with a TV turned on. Josh is another story. I will have to give him time to think about it because the new season of Glee just started.

Oh well here goes nothing!!!!