Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Christmas 2010
Dear Family and Friends,

What a year this has been! I thought I would catch you up on all of the exciting events in the Todd-Bain household this year.

Well, we started work on the house in earnest this year. We are broke. This thing sure has turned into a money pit. I think the only thing holding it together was the termites holding hands singing "Cumbaya". So I am putting a lot of paint on it and hoping it will act as a binding agent. Yes buying an old house and fixing it up was my bright idea!!!!

Jim had a defibrillator installed in March. The cardiologist refuses to give me the remote to care system!!!! He is not happy and complains that he is getting old and fat. It is like living with a Victoria Secret model, if the bathroom scales say bad things to him I have to tell him how pretty he is for 15 minutes. I also made him get a vasectomy. We had already met our out of pocket maximum so I figured we should get everything fixed...including HIM!

The kids are doing great! We have spent $0 on bail money this year. In 2010 Jim came home and said he needed my credit card because he had gotten the daily limit on his and it was still not enough to get his (always his child when she is bad) oldest out of jail.

Jessica (aka Pumpkin or the youngest girl child) is now the co-manager of The Body Shop. No, she does not fix cars, The Body Shop is a clothing store that caters to skinny girls who like to show skin. She did quit college though, she loves her job and just wants to work. She also got engaged last Christmas. I am still pretending it is a pop top off a soda can and even though they have a house together they sleep in separate rooms. Denial.

On the other hand Alison (second daughter) is back in school! I told Jim that my daughter quit college and his went back! They each take turns being the good child.

Jamie (third daughter, aka The Princess or Bear) bought a townhouse in Myrtle Beach. She loves the neighborhood. She is our financial guru child. She has already rented out a couple of the bedroooms. She is still a nurse and seems to be excited and happy about life.

Josh is now a middle schooler and math savant. He does not like Advanced Language Arts and I think has been getting pointers from Pumpkin on how to get kicked out. He is taking band this year. We have heard the theme from Jaws 50000 times!

Jim's mother turned 90 this year and the entire family gathered in Winston Salem for her birthday bash. She was something in her pink cowboy hat! Such a hoot!

We also adopted a kitten, Scout (aka Satan Kitty or Kitty Girl). She likes the new house and yard, plenty of room to chase birds and anything else that moves. She had a huge abscess between her eyes. We took her to the doctor and they asked if we wanted to put her "down". She was only 10 days old and an orphan so I guess she was in really bad shape. A little antibiotics, some gross puss draining and she was good as new. She likes to ride in the car and went with Jim to his office for a few days so he could feed her and give her meds.

Granny and Grandpa are happy, for them I guess. Grandpa is 84 so he is a little depressed and cranky because he cannot work a job or climb on the roof. He was even a little cranky to me! I am the Princess in their house so he is always sweet and loves to listen to me talk about my day. Cranky to me, I don't think so! I told Granny she needed to get him some of the happy pills from the doctor like she was taking or it would not be a good Christmas. A couple weeks later I came by for lunch to find out how their checkups went. She just smiled and said it was going to be a good Christmas! She got the doctor away from Grandpa and told him about the problem and he gave Granny a prescription. My Granny is dosing my PaPa! He hasn't been this happy in years!
Well that about recaps our year. It was a pretty good one. My family put up with my craziness for another year. That always amazes me! When I said I was going to stop watching TV for a year, they laughed at first. Five days later they were not laughing, just avoiding eye contact. I resumed TV watching on day six. I am now working on another "year project". Jim says maybe we should have a year "projectless". Poor silly man.Where would the fun be in that? One day Josh will be in therapy saying his mother tried all these crazy ideas like no TV, no caffeine, saying yes to everything, no cable, no consumerism, cooking all year out of that crock pot lady cookbook, etc... and then he would sigh and say his stepdad was afraid of her because she would look crazy eyed. I am thinking this year "Staycation in SC". We can find a festival or something in South Carolina every weekend...what do ya think?

Happy holidays and I hope your new year is full of good, sweet things.

Ronda and Jim